Bubble Cat: Origin story

Who is bubble cat? Glad you asked:

Social media has trained us to look at each other’s lives through a comparative lens. There’s something refreshing about a social media with a PFP as your identity. It allows us to positively connect with each other, without judgement.

Bubble Cat, like the rest of the Boki world, embodies this message. Bubble Cat is me, bubble cat is you, bubble cat is us. Everyone who dreams, explorers, believes in love above all else. Bubble Cat doesn’t judge. Bubble Cat loves, Bubble Cat supports, Bubble Cat is home to anyone and everyone who loves endlessly.

We are mentors, mentees, teachers, students, coaches, players; leaders. Members of a community, a tribe, team, club, society, dedicated to the improvement of self and the collective, simultaneously; a collection of great minds, dedicated to developing character (kharaktēr) and cultivating self-awareness.

We choose truth over falsehoods. We seek out and identify the fictional fantasies of life. Rather than cover our eyes from these painful truths, we confront them. We refuse to lie to one another, we refuse to lie to ourselves, and we refuse to be the reason we handicap our ability to conquer tomorrow’s obstacles.

We are apolitical, gone are the days of left and right, conservative and liberal, democrat and republican, blue, and red. We are purple. We are a blend of all people, from all back grounds, all languages.

Bubble Cat works to expose the fabricated fantasies that obstruct our ability to surmount the realities of human experience. Make the quest for truth such a part of your kharaktēr, so deeply ingrained or stamped within you, that it compels you to act in ways beyond your awareness and control that are for the good of all. Make Bubble Cat part of your identity, dedicate your existence to discovering truth.

Kharaktēr is everything. It’s what we are, and what we are not. It’s the driving force behind every thought, every decision, and ever action. Kharaktēr develops and sets a path we will walk down for the duration of our lives. So we must develop our kharaktēr, cultivate our self-awareness, discover our truths, and discover ourself.

Join the world of Boki, work for the common good of all.

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Ryland A. Radanovich

Ryland A. Radanovich

Husband, dog dad, coffee/donut addict, subpar golfer, US Marine, ADHD/Anxiety